The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

The Easter Peace Camp report

Occupy Totnes Easter Peace camp was great fun and conducted on the whole peacefully and harmoniously even with friendly and co-operative intelligent local community police security awareness.

There was much community dialogue on issues as diverse as “alternative energy  machines”, “Design our future society” workshops as well as fireside debate , often lively, cool sounds from DJ Frankie on the  “Arabian nights” off grid powered decks under a magnificent full moon rising in Libra shly half covered in muslim clouds.

Special thanks also to Eileen Noakes for her inspiring, wise and visionary talk about spiritual evolution, the sacredness of all species and life, and the role of the human being in planting seeds of action in these amazing times of great change presenting us with both great dangers and also great opportunity. For a 95 year old (so I believe) she gave us a remarkable expression of a visionary feminine perspective from a co-worker and friend of Sir George Trevalyan.

The proposed “Peace Cinema” night fell foul of bad arithmetic with respect to the power equations of the off grid supply and unfortunately for the eager audience the inverter blew up due to overload as the projector was 750 watts and our 1200 watt inverter was faulty and the 300 watt one blew up.  Lessons to be learned here about Proper Prior Planning !

OK so lack of popular support in sufficient numbers from the Totnes community has meant inevitably we had to pack up the camp, perhaps Easter weekend was bad timing but when are we going to run out of excuses for our collective awakening ?  We will be back , possibly with day pop up actions or even another camp, so stay tuned and make sure you come along in person next time as the revolution cannot only be waged in cyber-space, it needs earthing too like any good power system.


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