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Occupy Totnes has passed a concensus decision at GA to do a direct non-violent civil disobedient action Occupation of public space in Totnes over the 4 days of the Easter holiday ie Friday 6th April to Monday 9th April and then to hold a GA on Monday night 9th April to decide whether to continue or not depending on support.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to make this happen. However much or little time or resources you can contribute please do so and come along and join in the community dialogue and bring your tent, sleeping bag, musical instruments, food to share, friends and family mmembers and join in the Occupy Totnes camp and peace festival.

IT WILL BE FUN with MUSIC, CAMP FIRE, COMMUNITY SHARING, MUSICIANS OPEN MIC, VARIOUS LOCAL DJs with a variety of music for all tastes in daytime and evening up to 11pm when we will keep noise levels down  out of consideration of local residents rest requirements,  EDUCATIONAL CINEMA, FAMILY ATMOSPHERE, DAILY GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Alcohol and drug free zone.

Location of Occupation camp to be announced via Facebook group, posters, banners, radio etc on Friday 6th April. Supporters from out of town welcome and you can meet in Rotherfold square at 10am on Friday 6th April to be guided to the Occupy Totnes camp.

We aim to gather the support of the 99% in our community (including some more intelligent and aware local  councillers and our socially responsible community minded friendly local policemen)  with a positive, peaceful, conscious, celebration of life, music, community, intelligent respectful community  dialogue, alternative solutions to socio-economic problems and solidarity with the Global Occupy movement to transform our economic system and society.


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  1. Great news Look forward to this… x

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