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Inter-Assembly Comms

Hey Everyone in Occupy/15M UK !
[Pls forward this info to your local assembly tech team!]
Inter-Assembly Comms
This message is about a global platform to encourage clean, transparent and reliable communication between Assemblies (nationally and internationally). Initially this has two simple elements, and we recommend your local assembly engages with both of these.
Full info attached, and also at peoplesassemblies.org/newswire
Best wishes!
PS. some brief further info for the curious:
During March we are getting initial subscriptions and testing the system before rolling out in time for May. So far we have London, and a number of Assemblies in the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and the US on board, with much interest elsewhere. The two platforms are:
– a simple email list (subscription details are attached and see details at link)
– an open source RSS feed-based newswire
To participate in the newswire, you need to set up a new category on your local (official) assembly blog and then send us the RSS feed to pan-owner@lists.takethesquare.net
Then, whenever a post is made by your local assembly under that category it will feed (as open source content) to a global platform and link subscribers back to your web-site. Posts will be organised by continent, country and region and if your local blog uses the tags as recommended (see link for full info) also by topic (eg corporations, work, economics and so forth). It’s as simple as that!
Full details on both these platforms are in the attached word document, and also at the link: www.peoplesassemblies.org/newswire
Our next team meeting is Monday 12th March 1730GMT on Mumble Take the Square Server Global Assemblies room. Mail crdlondon@gmail.com for more info.
Please kindly send this message to your local tech team so we can get the ball rolling faster on this important initiative…!

_______________________________________________ OccupyComms mailing list OccupyComms@email-lists.org https://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/occupycomms


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