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Give Peace a Chance

What we need is a firm and fundamental committment to peace, awareness of which starts within each individual, and non-violent direct action and civil disobedience.  The end does not justify the means as what is born out of violence and conflict will not usher in the new society and new global consciousness of community, power sharing and shared resources and  Gaian local democracies.

Abandonment of Gandhis famous and successful adherence to non-violence will lose our cause massive public support (including my own), and give the state the excuse they need to justify more draconian “anti-terrorist” laws to annihilate personal and collective freedom of expression and action. Small militant activist cabals may cause a stir in the media and a storm of police and eventually military violence in return as the state fights to suppress and control the “terrorists” as they will be branded, but it will not win our war for the minds and hearts of the 99% without whom our cause is lost anyway.

Lets not kid ourselves, without huge widespread support from the masses of the population we have no real power to change anything. The awakening of the masses from their unconsciousness and naivety in the face of what the elite new world order power structure is attempting to do is our only realistic strategy for a truly transformed and fairer society. This is not about changing society through violent revolution (that was tried by the Marxists et al and didnt deliver on its promises of a better world )  its about changing the minds of the people through information and education so that when enough people are awakened to the true nature of our political and economic structures their demands for change cannot be ignored.

Violence is a failure of communication , both in the personal relationship sphere as well as in the political and social arenas.  As John Lennon famously said, Give Peace a Chance, we have tried every other approach and where has it got us collectively as a species, to the brink of nuclear and biological warfare and the extinction of the human race as well as the degradation of our ecosphere, Gaia. Enough already of these warmongers , Peace is a powerful presence and force, the very nature of who we are, time to give it a chance like we never have before.


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