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GA 30/01/12


1  Mission statement/ Purpose of Occupy Totnes group


After some discussion of the issues a concensus was passed concerning the Global mission statement .

Concensus passed:  That Occupy Totnes adopts the Global mission statement of the international Occupy movement as far as concerns the global issues.

As for the local issues to be included in the Occupy Totnes mission statement we will continue the discussion at the next GA .

2 How do we grow the Occupy Totnes group

We are too small in numbers to achieve a successful Occupy camp at this point  as attendance at GAs   is about 8 to 12 people .

We need to communicate our message to the wider local community and invite people to join us and attend our GAs.

We discussed the need and relevance of communicating and contacting members of other local groups with allied interests and aims such as The Truth Juice movement, Transition Town Totnes etc

Concensus passed:  That we attend and support as a group the regular monthly Truth Juice events in the Barrel House on the first Wednesday of every month starting with the Truth Juice event this Wednesday 1st February at the Barrel House.

We also discussed how to inform and educate the wider local community about our group and  movement for change.

Concensus passed:  That we do a “Pop up” one off information point (tent, gazebo, stall ) near to  the market area of Totnes  on Friday 10th February in order to affirm a “presence” in our community and inform people about the issues.

3 Facebook and Media

We discussed the issues around our communications media including press and radio perceptions and social media ie Facebook. We ran out of time with this one but the importance of personal respect and the non-tolerance of sexist, racist , religiously intolerant, violent or abusive behaviour including verbal abuse at GAs and in our Facebook comments and posts was reiterated. These criteria are adopted at all Occupy camps and GAs and they were ratified by concensus at our first GA last year in the Civic Hall.


The next GA is on Monday 6th February at 6pm at a NEW VENUE  107, High Street, Totnes in the Rotherfold next to chip shop. All welcome . Please invite interested people.


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  1. Please use this comments space to add items to be discussed on the Agenda at the next general Assembly

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