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Indeed. Here is a proposed call-out from the National Sheffield Conference; note it is still a work in progress but these are the dates we are working on to build for May15th, using the other call-out (including Chicago) to get the UK ball of mobilization rolling. I propose we discuss this a little bit on Saturday!

Ragnhild x




1st May is International Worker’s Day, a day when millions of people all over the world assemble to bring attention to their conditions and right to meaningful work. This year, marches will be held in hundreds of countries and thousands of cities as the workers and families refuse to pay for the economic crises caused by greedy bankers and corrupt politicians.


Times are hard. Jobs are cut, the social divide is growing, our essential services are being wiped out or else scraping for pennies. Schools, hospitals, and libraries are being closed.


We do not accept the cuts as either necessary or inevitable. Cuts will not tackle the fundamental problems in our economy – but they will make the challenges our communities face much, much worse.


It is up to us to solve the problem.


This year, more than ever, Occupy calls on all workers – be they in the public or private sector, freelance or contract, employed or underemployed, full time or part time, paid or unpaid, in the home or out of if – to come together, discuss the issues that affect them and formulate plans for effective action. There are alternatives to living in the current financial system, that also provide necessary jobs and sustainable services.


We are proposing Occupy Mayday as start to a fortnight in which we will Occupy Work, focusing on social and economic justice as a viable alternative – locally, nationwide, and worldwide.


On 1st May, in solidarity with workers worldwide, we call for actions, small or large, to mark that people across the world stand together.


This year, the British May Day Bank Holiday falls on the 7th. We will join unions across the country, as working people from all backgrounds, occupations, ethnic groups and current conditions.


12th May will be a day of mass outreach, a weekend of building awareness and momentum. We will encourage local groups and communities to come together. Occupy Everywhere.


On 15th May, as the Spanish movement turns one year old, a mass strike is called worldwide. A march from Spain to Athens has already started, growing in numbers and engaging communities along their route.


As the marchers arrive in Athens, the cradle of democracy, we will join them in our own ways, in our countries. We must focus on the issues that underlie the current economic conditions; and how we can change them.


We must set aside time for this discussion. We call on everyone to join us on 15th May:  stride out of your offices, classrooms, homes and pubs. Together we can discuss what we have lost – how the crisis affects us all, from town to city, country to country. This is a discussion the G8 will not be having when they meet in Chicago on the 19th May. We must decide what actions are needed in order to build the world we want.


Its time to frame the future.  Join us.



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