The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

GA 23/01/2012


1 Long term plans for an Occupy Totnes camp

Committment to the GA proposal to do an Occupy camp over the 4 days of Easter weekend and then continue on all through the summer.

Need to have a team of committed activists who will maintain the camp and the tranquility shifts, probably about 20 core residents and 100 supporting members of the community.

Different locations for the camp were discussed and one main site identified with a need for secrecy for obvious reasons.

The importance of growing support for the Occupy Totnes movement and getting young people involved with music and creative arts events at weekends as well as GAs, kitchen tent, library, cinema etc

Council, police and community reactions were discussed, it was agreed that our action should not annoy our local community or interfere with their business livelihood as we are all 99% but we are a non-violent civil disobedience movement and we will not concede to property eviction notices served by our council for occupying public space.

2  Mission statement

The need for a simple Mission statement was discussed. Some people felt we should refer to the National Occupy mission statementIt was agreed that we check out the internet for the Mission statement plus add our own expression as well and bring our ideas and research to the next GA.


3 Facebook page

A Facebook page for Occupy Totnes will be set up as the outreach broadcast elemnt of our FB presence.  The Occupy Totnes group will be used more for group communication while the Occupy Totnes community Page will be used for general educational and informational postings and videos and links etc


4  Lectures Ongoing


The small attendance at the workshop on Friday 20th was discussed and how to move forward with our educational events. There is an Event team meeting every Thursday at 6pm at the Bay Horse pub for all people who are interested in participating in creating and holding events , video showings, workshops etc


5  Occupy London personal experience

Ian recounted a personal experience of his visit to Occupy London


6  How to grow support for Occupy Totnes


Different ideas were discussed including an event in March with music plus other direct actions such as street procession. It was agreed that the main support building event will be the Occupy camp itself when that happens but we must attract more committed members in order for it to be practical


7  Party in March


There will be a party in March for Occupy Totnes members


The next GA will be next Monday 30th January at 6pm at the bay Horse pub, all are welcome, please tell people and invite them.


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