The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

GA 9/1/2012

The GA discussed the following agenda


1  Venue for meetings

We agreed to check out the possibility of using  the room above Barclays bank, the room above Dartmouth Inn, Church halls, Red Wizard cafe. Venues to be researched by different people and report back next week.

2  Support for Occupy Exeter

peter to coordinate a possible weekly visit to Occupy Exeter with 2 to 4 people to cover night time tranquility shift for them from 12 midnight to 6am once a week or fortnight depending on volunteers coming forward.  Team volunteers for this visit to be pre-arranged vis Facebook group.

3  Vision and ideas for permanent occupy Totnes camp   (carried over to nextb week due to time restrictions)

4  Interrogate festival

Christopher to talk to Celia and report back next week as to possibility of Occupy Totnes participating in this event

5  Wednesday market square pop up information and video events

It was agreed the wednesday events should continue but more support needed and this week it will not happen

6  One day education and publicity event in February

This event will be discussed at the weekly event meeting at 6pm on Thursday at the Bay Horse

7  Facebook presence and communications media

Peter will set up a Facebook Page to separate Group communications and arrangements from educational and informat videos and posts of a general nature which will go on the Page in future


Next GA at 6pm to 7-30pm on Monday 16th Jan at the Bay Horse pub



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