The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

GA meetiong notes 12/12/11

Occupy Totnes

report form space group
… meeting with TTC
Occupy everywhere

Space Group-
the space team reported upon a meeting with the manager of of a local arts and community cafe Birdwood House about using space in that building. The meeting had been successful in making a local contact but some consideration is neededregarding adjusting our schematic should we use that space- the manager felt political use was unsuitable;…. political differences should not block our endeavors to utilize resources. We need to Occupy with integrity.

a report upon offers of many public workshops- varied topic matter, covering diverse subjects including- art, theatre, human rights, legal advise, practical skills, community participation, health…
Occupy Totnes is working towards the provision of a forum for the public to learn and participate together.

Meeting with TTC-
Pete to make introductory presentation, and to thank TTC for their considered and mature response to Occupy, and their willing to work towards our common goals. Introduce TTC to consensus, so that we can use our hand signals for promotion democratic involvement of all participating.
Proposal: To request of the TTC that they provide us with a community space to carry out our activities CONSENSUS

OCCUPY everywhere day-
meet at 12.45 at Heath’s Garden / under the civic hall is weather is bad.
devised theatre, instruments etc spread the word

a leaflet needs to be produced to be handed out, donations to fund printing- education group/media group collaborate on this


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