The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

General Assembly 10/12/11

Notes for meeting of Occupy Totnes, Saturday
introduction to Consensus and hand signals


How Occupy Totnes continues?
Totnes Town Council meeting on Tuesday
Media Release
Returning of camp kit to owners
Feedback from Exeter and message of support…

How Occupy totnes continues?
Proposal – to continue Occupy Totnes CONSENSUS

feedback heard from last night’s meeting at the Barrelhouse, ideas on the shape of Occupy Totnes, focused tasks relating to Occupy, get groups strong and fuctioning well

Proposal- to continue a daily General Assembly at Heath’s Garden at 1pm (under the civic hall if weather is rough), and to hold a informal meeting at 6pm at a indoor venue (Barrelhouse). CONSENSUS

Totnes Town Council meeting on Tuesday
Robert Vint introduced himself (deputy major, Green Party) and restated the Totnes town council’s invitation to meet for dialogue at the Guildhall on Tuesday at 7pm.

Totnes town council consider the meeting a ‘ first fact and detail finding dialogue’- it is not a meeting at which decisions can be made- a report is made from this meet to ‘policy development’, who advise the full council on possible actions before they vote.

Proposal- to meet with the town council on Tuesday- CONSENSUS

There is a room large enough for us all (old town Court with bench rows), and a room that can hold a limited number of 20 around a table (council chamber). The Town Council elected Robert to facilitate this meeting, he asked us to consider agenda items.

Discussion : care should be taken to avoid language of parley- Occupy is flexible but uncompromising in its vision and independent, and proactive towards democratic communications. Other Occupy’s (Edinburgh) work with their Councils. Should we all attend meeting, introduce the council to consensus, which we can all use to good effect without disrespecting the ‘accepted Totnes town council meeting format’? Do we need a specific group to focus on the agenda? Agreement to move to next agenda item, refocus on this at next GA

Media Release
Meeting heard two drafted press releases, as posted for comment on facebook and wordpress.

Proposal – to use Alison’s with several amendments- Peter, Tim , Jenny to amend and distribute, Jackie to be radio interview contact CONSENSUS

Feedback and Greetings from Occupy Exeter
Gabriel from OE brought a message of solidarity, and spoke about the challenges of Occupying- particularly camp management and the care of street people- undoubtedly the worst treated and most marginalized community within British culture. This difficult issue is one which is being met at all Occupy’s, and anywhere that democracy is being practiced- these are the growing pains of Occupy. Leaning to work, cooperate together, relying and trusting each other, and learning to value to efforts of others, and are commonly shared difficult aspects of this movement.

Gabriel regarded the striking of OT camp as a positive strategic movement, and wished us the very best for further OT developments and projects. Occupy networking and offers of relevant training were most welcome- skilling ourselves to meet issues and problems offers positive action and refreshes focus.


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