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Press release for 10/12/11


Our nine day camp at Heath’s Garden has been a success and will continue in one form or another! We are pleased and proud that Totnes has shown such huge support and welcome. Our aim is to get people talking about social injustice. We don’t pretend to have all the  answers but we strongly feel that huge social, economic and environmental changes are happening and public involvement is crucial.

We are all in this together. We are all affected by the recession and public service cuts in   healthcare and education. We are all angry at bank bailouts and corporate greed and corruption, and that very profitable companies like Tescos, Vodaphone and Boots avoid paying taxes whilst the vast majority of society suffer unnecessary hardship.

Our choice of site at Heath’s Garden was very carefully made as we wished to be accessible and visible to the public whilst not being a nuisance.

We will continue to hold a daily meeting at Heath’s Garden at 1pm. Please join us! Everyone is welcome to come, listen, speak and take part in active democracy. OCCUPY’s specific qualities such as its non-hierarchical structure where all have a voice, the use of ‘consensus’ to ensure an open decision making process, and its focus on addressing important social issues in a democratic way offers something very valuable and dynamic to our town.

OCCUPY Totnes is being very well received within the community, by the local media, radio stations, and the Totnes Town Council. We daily receive support and greetings from many interested passers-by and visitors. We look forward to improved dialogue with South Hams District Council!

We will be continuing our activities in a variety of ways including pop-up occupations, events, actions, street theatre and workshops. Our principle purpose is to facilitate information, learning and debate within our local community. We support creative dialogue with respect to the global context of the OCCUPY movement and warmly welcome everybody interested in finding out more or wishing to support the global OCCUPY movement.

Join us- see our wordpress blog at https://occupytotnes.wordpress.com/


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One thought on “Press release for 10/12/11

  1. Tyrannosaurus Lex on said:

    Some suggestions… remove the exclamation marks, they have no place in a press release. Correct some spellings. Tesco, not ‘tescos’, Vodafone, not ‘Vodaphone’

    And is the actual message of this press release that you will no longer be camping on the site? If so you might want to make more of this – the interesting story is that you have been chucked off but remain defiant.

    A press release just about having a daily meeting would be a bit of a snooze really.

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