The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community


The OCCUPY TOTNES movement ius alive and well and EVOLVING !! The next General Assaembly is at 1pm tomorrow (Saturday) at the same place as usual , Heath gardens, and a proposal to continue the GA at 1pm every day at Heath Gardens or under the Civic Hall when wet will be presented for concensus. We also will discuss the possibilities of having an Occupy Totnes presence in the market square itself and also using Birdwood House as a “Community space” in addition to our GA meeting and Information.






6pm meet- our ideas to promote Occupy within the town of Totnes πŸ˜€


we discussed the day’s events- see the minutes posted below….


Occupy Totnes is in transformation we are still all deeply committed to the OCCUPY movement- information and education within the local community, art actions and a move flexible approach to achieving our shared goals… to address problems with contemporary life/ to find solutions- to promote active space for community cohesion-


Keep the meeting time and place- a GA each day- keep original site as our meeting place and let the change be organic


(can Steve and sue keep the fire bowl hand to be used each day? Info board and OCCUPY at that site?)


To keep visible- and maintain availability we can keep our presence at the Garden by the daily GA… use the town’s spaces and be fluid- use the market sq when not in use as the market- occupy the Civic square


London and other cities work a different model- there are not enough people hear to people a 24/7 camp…


The ‘occupy’ and ‘bank of ideas’ times shows the development of the movement: to work together we need to develop our OCCUPY. A point has been proven and so well received within community (local media, the reception of Totnes Town Council, a great welcome and thank you and well done from so many interested passers-by and camp visitors…) – OCCUPY’s specific qualities- non-hierarchical, consensus, all inclusive- many messages, global and networking need to be stressed- this is something new offering something very valuable and dynamic


There was an offer of a stall on the market day? Brilliant for information dissemination – its high visibility- and acceptable, sustainable and approachable- viable, realistic and a good place to have focused OCCUPY dialogues….


workshops and training- strategic and actively focused system – β€œthink, agree, do…”


coordinator for projects- delegate and follow through our proposals…


promote local initiatives πŸ™‚ Totnes pounds to rent Birdwood- integrate alternative systems to Β£$ mentality…


Media release – Peter and Jenny


Birdwood- Lucy, Peter, Firestar


board or for installation at site (Saturday)-


training from Non Violent Comms, Quakers, Seeds of Change facilitation training…


SATURDAY is INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY we welcome children to the site open up the play space with as much fun as possible, toys and arty work shopping what are our Human Rights?!… – a focused morning…


bring flasks of hot chocolate and buns


music please – bring your instruments for a site jam


it’ll be a sunny day and we would like to have a morning action from 10.30 going into GA at 1 pm-


information to hand out- simple flier from Veaseys


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