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Occupy Totnes General Assembly 6th December

Occupy Totnes General Meeting 6th December
Facilitator: Mark
Minutes: Peter

1) BBC Radio Devon were present at the start of the meeting, they recorded some soundbites.

2) Feedback on last nights Town Council meeting. There was no opposition to OT voiced by anyone present, only support. About 6 Town Councillors spoke in praise of the camp. The Town Council said they would recommend to South Hams District Council that no steps be taken towards eviction before there was dialogue/face to face meeting between OT and the District Council.
PROPOSAL: That a letter be written by OT addressed to the District Council, Mark offered to draft it.

3) An idea was put forward that more energy go into communicating with people on the High Street e.g. by holding a regular information stall, to transfer activity from the camp to th High Street. Others said establishing a solid base camp should be a priority in the coming days, with possible “satelite activities” to follow later. No consensus reached at this stage.

4) Legal Matters. OT delegation reported back from morning visit to Occupy Plymouth where advice on legal matters had been received from experts present there. A 5 minute free consultation/chat with a local legal firm hafd also taken place.
ALL AGREED that Mark should link up with the rest of the OT Legal Group and prepare strategy and documents for a court appearance if necessary.

5) Yellow Leaflets (“10 Ways …”). The issue was raised that the message on these leaflets hadden’t been endorsed by OT and that while most would agree with most of the points some of the points might not enjoy consensus. Given that the OT is about providing a forum for finding solutions through a process of consensus it was felt that it would be wrong to distribute these leaflets to the public at this stage. ALL AGREED that the leaflets should “stay in the box” and not be distributed until further discussion had taken place.

6) Overnight Rota discussed and 2 volunters said they would sleep at the camp on Tuesday night.

7) Tent moving: ageed that this should be down following the next General Meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Message to go out that help is needed to do this.

8) Request that all minutes be types up and left at the camp. ALL AGREED.

Meeting Ended.


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