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UK-Ireland Occupy Convention Joint Statement‏

Hi Peter,
I'm attaching the current list of contacts for UK and Ireland occupation,
including your (Totnes) details. Please let me know if you any other
contact details (e.g. twitter, FB etc.)
The list is very fluid as both the number and state of occupations
fluctuate on an almost daily basis. We're currently working with Occupy
Norwich to keep the UK-Ireland map of occupations
Occupy London has received a number of requests of support in terms of
sending people over to help with setting up camp, security etc. However,
due to cold, sickness, burnout, current litigation issues and being spread
over three sites, we are facing a human shortage of our own. Hopefully,
the situation will change soon. In the meantime, we can offer connections,
advice and some remote tech support.
*** Communication ***
If you haven't done so already, subscribe to the Sheffield server. I
believe most UK occupations are registered on that forum or at least
agreed to use that mailing-list for UK-wide communications. Contact
chrisc@indymedia.org.uk for info on how to get on this list.
Occupy London recently set up an open discussion forum both for London
working groups and UK occupations. Feel free to browse and use:
*** Legal issues ***
In London we have found the GBC to be very helpful
*** Security issues ***
Certain camps have been overrun by alcoholic and otherwise violent
elements. OLSX has had a series of problems in this area, including drugs,
thefts etc. Following Edinburgh's example (they currently have zero
security issues), we will be interacting with TUCs (trade union councils)
to help secure the camps, applying methods of peaceful de-escalation and
avoiding being co-opted by the external volunteers. Details of this
initiative (External Volunteers Initiative) can be found here:
However, I would suggest contacting Edinburgh since they appear to have
solved this problem while London is still struggling.
If you wish, we can also send you the minutes from the UK-Ireland occupy
convention (19-20 November). It touches on issues of welfare, national and
international occupy communication, ideas for liaising with
churches/interfaith groups etc.
*** Cold and other forms of exposure ***
If at some point you want to consider squatting a building (we have
received several requests for assistance on this), please contact Theo
(theo.middleton@gmail.com). She's from Squash
(http://www.squashcampaign.org/) and very knowledgeable on the subject,
both in terms of legalities and practice.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if you think there's anything else you
think we can do to assist you.
In solidarity,
Tina (OLSX outreach)

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