The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

Email from Occupy Bristol

Hi Totnes
> Welcome to occupy 🙂
> I speak only for myself, I do not represent the camp
> > Hi folks
> > Occupy Totnes is in it’s 3rd day now! We would like to come c u in
> > Bristol. Also we have access to projector & dongle – could do a video
> > linkup with our (underrepresented) South West.
> Nice idea. Yes Yes. We have been doing some video streaming from our
> phones with a free app on here
> http://bambuser.com/channel/occupybristol/broadcast
> If you did the same we could each project the others stream.
> There is a email list that you should sign up to for inter-occupy comms:
> https://www.email-lists.org/mailman/listinfo/occupycomms
> You should consider getting a site email address: occupytotnes@riseup.net
> or similar. Several sites have had issues with rightwing groups and having
> less personally identifiable information online cannot do any harm.
> If you would like invite codes for a (activist hosted, trusted) riseup
> email account let us know.
> If you want a free wordpress websites (without the surveillance or risk of
> corporate deletion) then I can recommend:
> https://network23.org/
> > We (Mark & Corrie) would like to come next week & meet some of u. Is there
> > anywhere good to park our vw camper nearby?
> Be great to see you! I’m sure there is somewhere to park. Can’t think off
> top of head but yes.
> Best
> Luther
> > Occupy the world!


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