The communication channel of Occupy Totnes community

General Assembly minutes 3/12/11

Facilitator, Tim

Notes Jackie

(Hand signals / consensus / speaking into the circle reminder- agreement to hear everyone and then reach consent)

No Agenda.

The usual opinions were voiced-

Many people feel positive about the problems that face them but don’t really know what to do- because the bankers have made it opaque, and the government says ‘leave it up to us’…

We want commitment to be here- a rota of camp sleepers has been started, encouraging a more focused approach to keeping the camp peopled, so that other commitments can also be honoured . The rota will be made available so anyone can sign up for a night.

We desire concrete tangible outcomes… – something cohesive from the offerings of people sharing their ideas and skills through workshops etc. There is a strong feeling that we need practical banking awareness- to be less dependant on money/ and to support the alternatives- ie Credit union singled out as a excellent economic model -Emma to visit Plough and Share Credit Union at Birdwood House Civic Square Totnes for more info.

Camp comfort- hot water bottles and blankets and more lighting requested.

There has been good learning through the organizing of our local movement and the addressing of conflicts- the Quaker House has offered ‘non-violent direct action training’, and Lizi can share her ‘non-violent communication’ training. Mark has offered to facilitate a ‘Consensus facilitators workshop’.

Specific groups- need to work together to produce a more approachable network of information. Facebook, wordpress, forumotion- these need to be advertised on a single sign at camp- and used to their best effect.

Colin for Green Party Plymouth has invited Occupy Totnes representatives to their meeting- Occupy Plymouth will be speaking- this is a good opportunity to network with other positive activists and Occupy groups.

(Note taker’s note- notes only need to be made information leading to decissions? Difficult to consdense ‘statements’ into a information doc. We all agree this is a great movement- no need to record indeviduals’ feelings each meeting, and lets keep to an agenda for timekeeping and focus 🙂


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