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Jenny Wellwood
We congregated at Vire island, paraded up the high street, arrived at site, set up camp, and held a really positive first general assembly (notes will be forth coming!), set some dates too- General Assembly will be daily at 1pm (lunch hour) and a camp meet also at 6pm- the public and all interested are welcome to both ! THE OCCUPY TOTNES CAMP IS AT THE PUBLIC GARDEN BETWEEN THE CIVIC CARPARK AND THE LARGER CARPARK…come visit to find out more, and participate 🙂 We are setting up Occupy Totnes teams- media, education, legal, wellbeing,- all formed of individuals wanting to collaborate on supporting the occupy movement…. we have first aiders, and are running to the consensus model made successful by the Occupy and other peaceful activist movements- All contributions of energy, interest, time, and practical assistance are most welcome…

Peter Burgess
Great atmosphere and collective experience of reclaiming our steets once again to bring the global Occupy movement to our town and establish a physical camp and forum for dialogue and discussion, education and information about the crucial issues affecting our economy, environment and every aspect of our lives.
A really interesting and rewarding educational experience in true democracy, people power and empowering communities to effect real change in our political and economic systems through a grass roots broad based truly popular and democratic peoples movement. We are all the 99% !


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2 thoughts on “OCCUPY TOTNES GOES LIVE !! WE ARE THE 99%

  1. From little acorns do big oaks grow, that outlive the man who as a child, saw it as a sapling !We cannot do very much about the present Society but, the Society that follows us, has a chance if we do the spadework for change now !Believe we can change ,believe the next generation will thank is for making a difference to their lives and Society !Support thos ein the camp !

  2. We need to be careful about the impact on the land following the financial contribution of the Wakefield Trust to fund the improvements to this area of land – the locals will not support anything that causes damage

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