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Occupy Totnes Wordpress Blog up and running



Here is the Occupy Totnes wordpress blog for us all to share, discuss and comment on ideas, proposals, meetings, feedback questions and new information and educational material etc.


We are meeting at 11am to 12 noon at Vire Island on Wednesday 30th November to create our own posters (please bring cardboard, material, sticks,paint and creativity. Whats your message to the 99% ? At 12noon we will march up the town to our new Occupation site, dress fancy if you like and create a festive air, drums would be good ! We then set up the Occupy Totnes camp and tents and Yurt and have a General Assembly at 2pm.

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7 thoughts on “Occupy Totnes Wordpress Blog up and running

  1. Hi folks have you noticed the creative community blog? Eh…
    Looking forward to wednesday

  2. Cannot make meeting but, will pay you a visit later in the day !Visited Exeter Occupy site on day they set up ,so will try to repeat the feat !

  3. national ocupy everywhere day..

    .hallo hallo … so some old pro’s and some contemporary ones … ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    altering the status unquote and quo … sm poetry, some songs, some rap some real content with the odd flimsy … squatters met and shared some news … random ideas the odd statement … fuzzy ending … left leg politician … at home … skint … missed direction…the 99% i thought ought to go to the 1% or at least 10% of them … not being funny but semi pleasant with bells round me ankles…can’t get to 6pm meeting because it’s 9.55…missing the camp…like you do…

  4. no media coverage?? and sm death defying abscence…on protest event of the week…all you need is one opinion…then i opted out … past a certain hurdle … 15/12/2011 …

  5. no i wasn’t posing as a christmas bauble for the neveaux riche …

  6. ground hogs…have a go…rule brittania…god save the queen…

  7. well talk to yourself…occupy totnes on fb has no comment facility…useless…secrets didn;t change the world…just to let you know i have a new 8 letter swear word…occupied…

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